New this year

Life is not always easy and the finacial pressure can be great and even very great.

With our Survival workshops we want to share our knowledge to help people to get threw difficult moments

or to help to make their dreams come true .

Financial Survival Weeks

In this workshop you will learn how to earn extra money online,

How to earn extra money from home or any place on the world

The workshop is for people of all ages.

The workshop can be arranged at the date that is good for you

The workshop is given by volunteers.
They share their knowledge and their time with you.
in exchange of a donation, contribution for the animals.

Suggestion: 10 big bails of hay for a one week workshop

You want to learn how to earn extra money and would like to combine it with a holiday in nature

contact us we will answer your questions

Other workshops organized “on demand”

  • Physical Survival

  • Emotional Survival

  • Spiritual Survival    

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