The training of the dogs consist 4 big parts

As a longterm-volunteer you do the 4 parts with a group of dogs and go on till they are ready to help . This will take about one year.

  • The first part:

Teaching of the basic commands needed to be able to travel with the dogs and to work with a group of dogs in the field

Training puppies and adult dogs

This includes the normal commands, sit lay down, wait, follow, bench-training, car -training, etc…..

The extra commands what they have to do when they have found a person or animal

How to help dig the victims out (if it is on a place that this is possible for a dog)

Volunteers needed: :long-term volunteers, several months and up,

After the personal training and if I see that you are ready and able to ….we will select a group of dogs, make up a training-scheme for the dogs  and under my global surveillance  you will train a team of dogs

  • The second part:

The socialization and experience strange situations: noises, fire, screaming people, walking on strange underground, etc. …

Volunteers needed: :long-term volunteers, 1 year  and up,

the training will be done with me

  • The thirth part:

The search activities

  1. track scent training of the dogs: the dogs follow a track to find missing people,
  2. when they know how to find missing people we can start the training to find pets
  3. Finding missing people and pets on a disaster-place and applying the commands learned in step 1

Volunteers needed: :long-term volunteers, 1 year and up,

For this part more people are required, the person who train the dogs and people who are playing the victims.

The people who are playing victims can be short-term volunteers who also help with the daily tasks or little projects such as making a fence, dog-houses etc.

The training will be done together with me

  • Part 4:

The specialising of the dogs.

While working with the dogs we will see witch dogs has a “special noise” or a very good nose.These dogs can be trained in their speciality p.ex. Finding persons and animals under water, under the ground, etc.

Volunteers needed: long-term volunteers, 1 year and up,

Depending on the dogs, possible some short-term volunteers playing victims

Training will be done together with me and some parts will be done by the long term volunteer when I see they are ready for it and can handle it.

We prefer long term volunteers who will do the 4 steps with their group of dogs.

As a volunteer you take care of the wellbeing of your group of dogs.

You like this 🙂

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