We are looking for several long-time volunteers
short time  volunteers

A longterm- volunteering project with an eye to your future

New for 2018-2019
Every year we will accept 4 to 6 persons who will learn for free about the dogs and become a PetFinder and dogtraining.

This while working and helping with our dogs on the ranch.

  • Are you found of dogs, and do you want to give your life a meaning full direction?

Join us and help taking care of the dogs

  • You also like to train dogs or would like to learn it

Join us to train the dogs to become pet rescue dogs, and become a petfinder and the leader of a team of our dogs.

  • You have “adventure and helping in your veins” and like to travel  …

Join the rescue-team, train the dogs and go with your team to the places in the world where the  help of the pet rescue scent dogs is needed


give pet rescue dog training in different countries The main target group are teens.
This after having completed the first year volunteering.

Become part of an enthusiast team of volunteers and bring happiness all over the world.

your life will make a difference in the world

Other longterm volunteering:

We are also looking for

  • a handy volunteer who stay a long time to make, fix and repair broken or not working things

and who helps with the daily tasks on the ranch

  • Help for the  first aid- animal hospital we will setup. To take care of injured  wild animals and give first aid help to pets when the vet’s in town are not available. In the evenings and weekends there is only one ver for a circle of about 100 kilometers  In case our dogs are on a mission, to join the rescue team to take care of our dogs.

Something for you? Please contact us

Read more about the dog training

Read more about what you get in return for volunteering and about the volunteer-profile

You prefer short-time volunteering: read more holiday and volunteering


The best feeling in life is the inner reward you get from knowing that you have helped other living beings and have make there life better or having make them happy