Unicorn Horses

Why we call them Unicorn-horses

Our horses are American quarter horses. They have there origins in the mid west and are the horses of the cowboys.
They have a good and stable character.

Our male horse is a very special horse.
He is an “Old Quarter” as they were many many years ago and he is a Cremello horse.  A Cremello horse has two different white genes.
That gives him a white color with a painting in another creamy white.

His eyes are bleu, what is very rare with horses..
On the front of his head is a little circle, on the place where the corn of the unicorn would be….

Our female horse has also the white gene. Her eyes are also bleu….

When they met it was love on first side . When I opened the gate to let them together, she crossed to the male horse and 5 minutes after the first foal was made !
Since than they are together and were never separated

Their foals have the beautiful palomino color, in the sunlight it shines like gold…

and we got two Cremello foals:
they have the  two white colors and the bleu eyes like the father…and
they have the little circle on their head on the place where the corn of the unicorn would be….

Enoy their compagny in your next holiday or as a volunteer



How we treat our horses:

The horses who are born and grow up with us have lived there whole life in
there group like they would do in nature.
They get good and plenty of food,
they are not closed in,
they have an open stable in which they can go when they want.
Most of the time they enjoy the stars in the sky at night and only go in the stable during the day when it is very warm.

They were never beaten, they never had there mouth hurt from bridles in there mouth,
And they where never kicked in their sides by people sitting on their backs…

For all this reasons and more the horses still have trust in human beings and they like to come and make contact with human beings and become friends…

When people come here with a worried face full of wrinkles because of stress and ,or sorrow and they stay here for some hours on the ranch, have contact with the horses, they leave with a total different face and feelings.
Their face has cleared up and looks good and they feel much better….

That is why we do not want to ride on this horses the way men are used to do….
They are our friends and we do not want to hurt them or mistreat them.
They help adults  and children in a much more useful way…


Because they are happy…

Feel their healing vibes, make the reservation for your  next holiday or as a volunteer .

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