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Pet finder Search Dogs

I was – as far as I know- the only person in Europe training my dogs to find missing people  AND missing pets: dogs, cats, and other.
Search, disaster and rescue dogs are usually trained to find missing people.

But every year thousands of pets, dogs and cats are messing.

Firework and stormy weather for example, can make a dog panic and run away miles and miles. Due to the panic they do not find their way back
Some will arrive in dog shelters far from their home place and will not be found back by their owners friends.

With my dogs I was able to follow their track and find missing dogs and cats back in several countries all over Europe.
Now the time is come to share my knowledge and what I have experienced.

It is my dream that in every town there is a “Pet Finder Search Team” who can track and find missing pets.  

It is an ideal activity for teens and for families with a heart for dogs, cats,…

If you ever had a dog or a cat missing, even only for some hours, you know how happy you are to get them back

Making people, cats, dogs, happy … that is what counts

Your life makes a difference in the world  

Making my dream -to have “Pet Finders Rescue Dogs ” in every town come true is a hug work


I am looking for several long term volunteers who love to be surrounded with dogs and will help taking care of our dogs

and long term volunteers who help with our dogs and learn how to train dogs as “Pet Finders – Rescue Search Dogs ”, and after having enough experience will transmit what they have learned and give workshops the countries they like.

You like to become a volunteer, join the network or you are interested in workshops…. please write me with some information about yourself, your motivation and your questions use the form on Contact Us


Looking forward meeting you,


Be happy!