Thank You

I want to give a warm “Thank You Hug” to

  • all the volunteers who were here and I hope to see back
  • the people who are helping and supporting us

Special thanks to

  • Servane who had the idea for, and who has set up, the “go fund me” crowfunding project
  • Jill who made the big horsefence and who launched the “go fund me”-campaign by doing the first donation, thanks for all friendship and the trust you showed !
  • Betty for the help with the start of a dog -ambulance-car
  • Dirk, Tine, Claire, Leen the first friends who did a donation and for their support
  • Becky who started up and hosted for free the first website, followed by Georgie and Heidi .
  • Agnes for the translation of the statues of the association and the texts for the website and her pictures
  • a great special “thank you” to Judith who has become our “home-photographer”for all the beautiful pictures, and  who will be ambassador for our wildlife rescue centerproject

their help will save lifes,
will make people Happy

Maybe one day, one of our recuescent-dogs will save the life of someone you love

Special thanks for you if you give us some help,
your name will be added here

You can help us by:

  • doing a donation
  • becoming a god father-godmother of one or more dogs or horses and doing a monthly gift
  • material: for the dogs and the scent-activities
  •  equipment for the animal-hospital, ambulance
  • other ……..

All help is rewarded with the possibility that you can come and enjoy life!