A holiday that will change your life for the best ! Be Happy

 Nothing gives such a good feeling as knowing that you have helped other living beings, have made there life better, have made them happy !

Meet amazing people and make friends for life

Learn about horses and dogs by living close with them.

Enjoy the pleasures of nature, enjoy the luxury of a simple life in nature with basic comfort

Feel the healing influence from the accacia-trees, the sun, and the twinkling stars on your nerves and brain

Be Happy

Join us and help us for a week, or more

Give us a hand with your qualities and discover qualities you have, and did not know about …

Or join us and just enjoy your holiday time

Or join us, enjoy your holiday time and follow a workshop

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Meet people from over the world and stay in touch

People from
Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Malaga, New Zealand, Polen, Romania, Servié, Spain, UK, USA,  … from 11 years till +60
where here already

They came to give a hand with the care.taking of the dogs and the horses, the training, building the accomodation,
Some helped with cooking, cleaning, building, painting, growing vegetables, …

Everybody has a skill that can be usefull here 🙂

Everybody with a positive attitude towards life is wellcome here for a holiday or a longer stay …
according to the available accomodation
Everything is in function of the happiness of people and animals.
The company of the horses and dogs will make your staying here special.

Our special challenges on the program for 2018:
Besides the normal activities:
Building eco- accomodation and rocketstove from clay
Remaking the watersystem
Extra new wooden places for the dogs

Daily activities:
Feeding and giving water to the animals
Cleaning up their places
All kind of reparairs
Vegetable-garden, permaculture

In exchange for staying here
enjoying the company of the horses and the dogs,
enjoying the pleasure and beauty of nature,
learning new skills and the possibility
to re-energitize and heal your body and mind,
probably change your life and be happy …
you would make us and the animals very happy

with a contribution, gift for the animals.

Our suggestion:

  • Holiday. For people of all ages.
    Just enjoy, helping allowed but not obliged. 

Breakfast and simple evening meal included
You bring your own tent:

For every day you stay here 1 big bail of hay for the horses ( 8000 forint is +. 28 euro,  dollar)
If we have to provide a tent. 1 extra big bail of hay

  • You are between 16 and 20 years

Combine holiday with volunteering: help us 4 hours a day
You bring your own tent:

For every day you stay here a vaccination for a dog ( 5000 forint is 17 euro,  dollar)

If we have to provide a tent. 1 extra vaccination


To fully benefit from the good vibes of this place we recommend a minimum.stay of 14 nights

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“The best feeling in life is the inner reward you get from knowing that you have helped other living beings and have make there life better or having make them happy”