Little Nosesland is the place to be

when you like dogs and horses, and like to live in nature.
You can come here and enjoy their company …
you can come here and give us a help
and you can even “learn” while staying here
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Heaven can wait !

  • Little Nosesland is the home base for the rescue-scentdogs “lnl-dogs”
    their mission is to find missing people and animals
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  • Our next goal is to begin a first aid hospital to benefit not just the animals here, but also our neighbouring animals, whether they are pets or wildlife.
  • A wildlife rescue shelter will be added to the first aid hospital

Unicorn horses

Our horses have a healing power,
they can help sensitive children and adults, persons with problems
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Little Nosesland

exists  thanks to volunteers from all over the world,
they bring Joy and Happiness to people and animals all over the world.
Join us as a volunteer
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